JWC joins Fidra Films in Helping with the Fight Against Cyber Crime at Sea

JWC International is delighted to have been invited to join the Fidra Films maritime cyber security project along with leading international energy transporter Teekay, the CSO Alliance and the City of Glasgow Maritime College. The new initiative which is designed to educate, inform and raise awareness of cyber security threats to the maritime and offshore sectors both at sea and shoreside aims to achieve building shared maritime cyber security best practices globally.

Chris Young, a highly experienced executive producer of marine training and safety initiatives said the following:

"I’m very pleased to announce that Fidra have agreed terms for engaging the services of a maritime security expert to join us in developing the Cyber Security training resource. Jordan Wylie, founder of JWC International, has agreed to bring his knowledge and experience to the group, and I’m confident his contribution will considerably enhance what we learn from the process".

Chris added "Jordan is also a director of Sovereign Global Solutions, a world leader in maritime capacity building and training programmes for developing sovereign states and a Non-Executive Board Advisor to the CSO’s Alliance, holds an MA in Maritime Security and a BA (hons) in Security & Marine Risk Management. As part of his MA thesis, he spent 18 months studying Cyber Risks to Shipping Companies which will prove extremely valuable as we move forward".

JWC International founder and principal consultant Jordan Wylie had the following to say about the project "Maritime Cyber Security is a very serious issue and from the research I’ve conducted over the last two years with shipping companies, there are clear training and awareness deficiencies both at sea and on land. The cyber security approach for the marine and offshore sectors need to be driven from the top down; senior management need to understand the risks and threats to their operations and the potential consequences of not recognising them. Many shipping Company Security Officer's (CSO) believe cyber security is an IT department issue and does not fall under their remit.”

Furthermore, he stresses “Cyber security requires a risk based approach from everyone on board the vessel to ensure everything is being done to minimise the exposure to cyber threats. The Fidra Films project is a fantastic initiative and one JWC International supports wholeheartedly. Raising awareness and training crew members on how to recognise cyber-attacks and implementing policies on computer hardware usage and social media usage, particularly the use of USB memory sticks are amongst the most basic steps a company should be considering, as a minimum. We are very much looking forward to working with Fidra Films in highlighting to the maritime industry this important issue of cyber security and managing what is often considered as the unknown risk at sea!"

For further information about Maritime Cyber Security Training, please download our latest brochure here.

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