BIMCO Security Workshop in Greece

This evening security and shipping professionals from across the world with an interest in the Greek Shipping Industry were hosted at a workshop at the International Yacht Club of Greece in Piraeus.

Guests & Panel Speakers included The Marshall Islands Registry, Sovereign Global Solutions (a floating armoury provider), Sea Marshall's (a British PMSC), the CSO Alliance, SAPU (a Greek PMSC), P&I Clubs, Insurers, CSO's from major shipping companies including Bernhard Schulte and V Ships all contributed to the discussions and debates.

The event which highlighted key concerns from ship owners such as floating armoury due diligence, PMSC weapon sharing issues, illegal operations and quality of service issues.

Phil Tinsley, the Security Manager for BIMCO said:

"The event was very well attended and I will take back all the key issues for review to the security department and we will continue to provide further advice and guidance to mitigate the risks to ship owners as we move forward"

JWC International was delighted to attend the event as a guest and the feedback was excellent from the team that attended.


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